2015-08-17 11.00.57I saw this quote on an Instagram page that I follow and of course it was like looking in a mirror. I have been the Queen of Distractionland as of late and it ends today! I have a ton of really great reasons and excuses as to why last week did not start out or go according to plan, but they are just that…reasons and excuses. I allowed them to distract me and stray a tiny way from my course, but I am done and I am back.

The is the whole point of a journey….you start out on a course and at times the course changes and you don’t fully realize you are off course till you are sitting at your laptop on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and you look up at your inspiration wall and finally acknowledge that last week you got a little to far down the wrong path. Now, I can easily pick up the bat that I normally tend to beat myself with or I can make the choice to simply acknowledge the error and move on. That is what I am choosing to do. Picking up the bat will serve no purpose or do anything to change what has happened.

You best be ready for my posts and my selfies!


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