Smile, Sweat & Repeat – Day 2

PhotoGrid_1441290869953_resizedWell lord alive, yesterday was not my smartest day ever to go down in the history books…

I was plenty sore from my workout with Meego and when I woke up yesterday morning I realized I had my final session with Emilia at Seva….yup back to back sessions. Let me tell you beast mode was most defiantly on because despite the pain I KILLED my final session with Emilia. There was a fair amount of complaining, but Emilia wasn’t having any part of it. Here is what I was forced to face….

I say “I can’t” way to often. My cardio level has come quite a long way. I was doing sprints with Emilia yesterday and talking the whole time. Previously when met with sprints I would hold onto the sides of the treadmill, talking was impossible because air was far more important and sweat would be pouring off of me. Yesterday…talking and running at a faster pace than I have previously ever run on a treadmill. She would increase the speed and I would always say “I can’t” first before even trying. When I got home and reflected on my session with Meego that day before, same thing. I remember a few times where I said “I can’t” and when he pushed I did it. When Emilia pushed yesterday I did it. For this reason I am now choosing to remove the phrase “I can’t” from my vocabulary. I am certain that at this size there may be some things that I won’t be able to complete….yet, but I won’t say “I can’t.” I will try it and if unable I will say “Not yet, but soon!”

Ever muscle between my shoulders and my knee caps is SCREAMING at me. I was laying in a very hot Epsom salt bath for 45 mins last night and looking back I couldn’t help but smile because I just KILLED to very hard workouts. Yes, I have some seriously sore muscles and yes, I am taking today to rest, but I did it. I pushed passed my boundaries, outside my comfort zone and DID IT!

The last 2 nights I have been in bed and passed out by 9:30pm, getting my sleep on. I did well with eating yesterday and despite some struggles going on in a certain area of my life and my overwhelming desire to have some sweets I did not!

Today there will be a visit to the farmer’s market for some fresh fruits and veggies. I am going to buy a vegetable that I have  previously turned my nose up at or never tried and give it a go. I will be taking the night off from the gym but if the rain holds off, get my walk on.

Day 2 is in the bag, now to tackle Day 3!


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