Smile, Sweat & Repeat – Day 3

PhotoGrid_1441384117199I have a very exciting update! My walk to the skytrain in the morning, that took me just shy of 20mins yesterday, only took me 13 minutes this morning! Yay for less muscle soreness than yesterday! The thought of moving from a seated to standing position does take a bit of a pep talk, but I still have a sense of pride when it comes to the reasons behind my sore muscles.

Yesterday went a bit sideways in the eating department. I attended the farmer’s market, as planed, with a friend of mine. Both of us are eating on the healthier side, but last night we made a choice to eat and sample our way through the farmers market. Now, it would have been super easy to not log and hide what I did, but honestly I don’t regret it. We sat at a picnic table, talked and had some munchies. It was a great evening and I won’t trade that. So, I set out logging what I ate and low and behold when I looked at it, it was far worse in my head than reality. I am also paying this morning with one upset and noisy tummy. The other bee in my bonnet, I searched the market high and low last night for a vegetable that I haven’t tried before and not a one, so that will be my goal with weekend, a new vegetable and a new recipe!

For exercise today and this weekend I am going to try Zumba for the first time and make sure my but makes it for a run at least once! What does everyone else have planned this long weekend?!?!?

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