134ba82bb00ad2f1d18e184dd356c8eaI woke up this morning, began my normal morning dance party while I got ready and was contemplating the days since my last post and decided…enough is enough! Today is the day! I am embarking on another 30 day challenge! I should have known it would happen, I woke up to the Foo Fighters followed by The Beastie Boys, only great things can happen when you wake up to that. The reality quickly set in that with this sudden inspiration I had no proper lunch packed, but my gym clothes were ready because tonight is ZUMBA! Sometimes, I wish the inspiration stick hit me at a time I could more appropriately plan, but I am gonna run with it!

I had been toying with what to name this for a few days now, so as you can see from the title….Flab-u-less has been born! Here is what this challenge will entail…

  1. 60 minutes of exercise a day (gym, cardio, weights, zumba, etc) 60 minutes of continues movement! E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y!
  2. 10K steps on the ol’ fitbit
  3. I have gotten a bit loosey goosey on some of the food sensitivities – no eggs, dairy, almonds, pineapple or mustard
  4. By the end of this challenge refined sugar will no longer have a place in my eating
  5. WATER! I do not drink anywhere near enough so I am committing to 84oz a day minimum during this challenge
  6. No pop, chips, candy, pizza, or foods that I classify as my trigger/comfort foods.

I also reserve the right to add to this at a later post because honestly, this all came at me this morning!







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