Flab-u-less: Day 2

Stats from Day 2

Stats from Day 2

I find myself a bit annoyed this morning, so I apologize if there are parts of this post that seem a bit….ranty. Social media is pushing my buttons, the election this week has my hot under the color and I got 7 hours of sleep last night (an hour more than normal), yet feel like I could sleep for 7 more.

I had a great day yesterday on the exercise front! I jumped onto the elliptical and it was 30 minutes of pure hell and I had to do everything I could to distract myself to stay on that machine for the full 30 minutes. Then I was off for some upper body and core. This is where I got annoyed. I have relied a lot on my trainers to tell me what to do; then when I am on my own it is like all that has been erased from my brain. My goal is to spend some time on the Google coming up with some exercises for the different muscle groups so that I am not “winging it” and forgetting a major muscle or something like that. I don’t want to flounder my way through this. When I was getting ready to leave the gym last night I looked at my Fitbit and it read 8700 steps. I had the thought that by the time I got home I would clear 10K….then…the yellow caution flag was waving in my brain. Instead, I climb on the treadmill and did a bit of walking and hopped off at 10,002 quite pleased with myself. I could hear The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) in my head “Finish like a champion!” Damn you social media and me following him on Instagram!

Food-wise, I got a bit frustrated with myself yesterday. I went over my sugar intake, finishing at 109g with a goal of 80g. I need to cut back on my fruit intake…..way back. I could easily like on nothing by fruit and be perfectly happy, but I know it is high in sugar. Yes, I am aware it is not refined sugar, it is processed in the body differently, but when it boils down it is still sugar. I got home at close to 8pm last night starving and exhausted. I managed to piece together dinner and my lunch for today, but I know myself….I need to do some cooking tonight or I am going to be on a slippery slope the remainder of the week and I do not want to be there.

I am not a very political person. Politics and religion are the two topics I tend to stay away from because the conversations rarely end well. The amount of trash talking, bashing and shaming going on around this election makes me sick to my stomach. You tell someone how you voted and you are either instantly embraced or shamed because that person didn’t agree with how you chose to exercise your voice. Now, the people feel the need to discuss how hot our new Prime Minister is….how about we let him run the country and focus a little less on what he looks like with his shirt off. Normally, I can let all of this go and scroll past it, but, for some reason, I am feeling exceptionally sensitive to it today! lol!

I read this status update by Fiona Hook on Facebook and it rang so true for me…

“So the election is over. They are busy counting votes. Maybe you voted for who won…maybe you didn’t. But tomorrow, no matter who our prime minister is or isn’t, it is us who make Canada a great country. If you want to make it a better place then be a better person. Help your elderly neighbour with their yard work. Grow a garden. Don’t get yourself into credit card debt. Save for a house. Take care of your own health. Skip the fast food. Learn to cook. Read some good books. Pick up litter. Donate to the less fortunate. Smile at people who pass you in the streets. Write letters. Snuggle your kids, spouse, dog. Volunteer. Shop local. Take your dog for a walk. Be nice to people. Lets not count on one person…lets count on all of us <3″


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