Flab-u-less: Day 3….

PhotoGrid_1445528841351_resizedIf I am honest I don’t even wanna write this post today! I am going to chalk day 3 up to one of frustration and growth.

Eating was not my friend yesterday. I will acknowledge that I didn’t binge eat or eat anything particularly unhealthy, but I did not plan accordingly. I first new I was going to go way over my food at lunch, when I decided to eat one of my favorite salads. Normally I through out the dressing they provide and use my own, but I forgot that in the fridge at home…so I had to use the dressing inside. I did not use the whole package, but….by the time I got home from the gym I had almost no calories left and I was STARVING, so I had a protein shake and then lost a battle with a bag of those Snapea Crisps things….I was honest and plunked everything into MyFitnessPal, but…“when you fail to plan, you plan to fail” was my theme for yesterday.

Exercise….I was like a 2 year old who’s blankie had been taken away. At least….that is what the guy who works at the gym I go to, said I looked like when I was on the elliptical yesterday. My day was stupid busy yesterday, so I didn’t get a real lunch, so I didn’t have time to look over some exercises, so when I arrived I was tired, didn’t want to work out, but I said I would. I got finished with the elliptical and popped over to the treadmill, but after 10mins I wanted to go home! So I got in 45 minutes at the gym. My heart was not in it, but I got it done.

What did I learn from yesterday? The biggest relationship I need to focus on at the moment, is the one between my word and me. I went when I didn’t want to. I could have easily just said “Screw the day” when I knew I was going to go over my calories, but I didn’t. I am a huge fan of Chris & Heidi Powell, they do that TV Show Extreme Weight Loss and the #1 on thing they tell everyone is the relationship between yourself and your word to yourself is the most important thing when building the foundation of to a healthy life. I will skip a workout, go out for dinner if someone asks doesn’t matter I will throw out my “me time” if someone asks and I need to get better at not.

Today I have planned WAY BETTER. I had some tv shows loaded onto my tablet and some exercises planned out. Bring on Day 4!

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