Update TIME!!!!!!

IMG_20151025_091113So I have decided to make a few changes, switching up my approach!

I am still very much focusing on my health, taking it one day at a time. Everything from my Flab-u-less challenge still very much stands true, but if I am honest…..the stress of having to write and post everyday….Oi! I never want this blog to feel like a chore, become to routine, or…..I’m just gonna say the word jumping through my brain…BORING!

I had an awesome week last week, it was met with some mental challenges, but that is par for the course when you are kicking ass, taking names, and changing habits. I hit my 10K step goal everyday last week. On Saturday I cleaned up with steps, as I was out in the valley exploring Chilliwack and the beautiful fall surroundings. A walk around Cultus Lake and then the adventures of a corn maze,which we did get quite turned around in! Being outside and exploring is one of my absolute favorite activities. I will always pick outside to being inside and in water vs. dry land! Hands down!

2015-10-25 08.17.28_resized

Cultus Lake

Sunday morning I woke up a bit nervous to step on the scale. I have this nasty habit of over thinking things…those of you that know me, are nodding furiously right now. I always default to worst case scenario and I was happily met with a surprise. I LOST 5.4lbs LAST WEEK! I must have stepped on and off that scale another 6 or 7 times because of course the scale was lying to me. Then I just decided to accept and celebrate it! I am slowly getting over the mental hurtle of “I have to do it PERFECTLY for it to count.” Perfectionism is one of my biggest enemies and something I struggle with daily. Slowly, by surly.

This week my goal is to simply do better than last week. Better eating habits, no lost battles with a bag of snapcrisps. I am going to continue to improve my water intake because quite frankly….although it is better I still have some work to do. I was doing awesome in the exercise department for the first half of the week, but towards the end of the week I got a bit lazy with the time at the gym. I don’t want to just rely on cardio, weight training is something I would really like to focus on. My other big goal this week….sleep. I am going to make a conscious effort to get 7-8 hours a night. Last week I averaged 5-6 and it just is not working….the ramifications of this is just to great and not worth it. Water and sleep this week!


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