I apologize for my absence on this beautiful blog of mine, I have been doing some work and a small training course behind the scenes. I want to ensure that I am writing content that I feel makes a difference people and I thought that my posts were getting a bit boring and I was not looking forward to typing them. What I remembered through this small course on blogging is that this blog makes a difference for me. I started it as a way to keep myself accountable, when I am not writing, you can place a large Las Vegas style bet that it is because I don’t want to fess up to something.

This post came with a kick in pants from 2 Instagram inspirations of mine @fitjill1129 and @sunshinesjourney. In the morning @fitjill1129 posted the above quote. It served as one of those shoves from behind…you know the ones I am talking about. The kind where you are procrastinating doing something and your best friend comes up behind and gives you a shove. I found @fitjill1129 when she “liked” a photo of mine on Instagram and I clicked and read her story. Yesterday when I saw that photo I re-clicked her bio and read it again. She is 48 years old, lost 213lbs in 18months without the help of any products, shakes, or professional help. Jill battles hypothyroidism, pcos and is insulin resistance, but she did it, no excuses. I was quickly reminded that I have no valid excuse. I am inspired because, like her I am choosing no products and no shakes. I am choosing professional help, because I have discovered a love of boxing that I want to explore and develop. When it comes to @sunshinesjourney, she has lost 140lbs naturally by eating healthy and dancing! Dancing is another favorite activity of mine and I have shaken my booty a few times to her videos on YouTube. Both of these inspiring women, served up some shoves yesterday, so I have them to thank for their inspiration. 2015-11-10 10.41.34

Boring or not, writing and sharing my journey is a way of holding myself accountable. I am constantly bending and flexing my needs and schedule to accommodate others and this needs to stop. Old habits die hard….putting myself first, feeding my body healthy and nutritious food and kicking it’s behind with exercise!