Project 37…

Day 1 - Starting weight & my first new recipe!

   Day 1 – Starting weight & my first new recipe!

What is project 37 you ask?

68 days

37 lbs

37 new recipes

68 things I love about myself or my life

68 lessons I have learnt

All leading up to my 37th birthday on April 10th

I am clear that the game of weight loss is all mental for me at this point. I have proven to myself that I can do the work, but if I stop doing the mental work I fall off the rails – hence my disappearing act. I am here and I am back in a big way, figuratively, not literally, although….that Christmas shortbread is sitting on my thighs quite nicely….for now…

Every day for the next 68 days you will get updates from me on how the day went. Want to know the part that worries me about all of this? The 37 new recipes, because I am not the world’s best cook, but I have 2 great friends that are AMAZING cooks, so I will be channeling them for inspiration and help. That breaks down to 4 new to me recipes a week! Don’t worry the 68 things I love about myself and 68 things I haven’t learnt will be a good mixture of seriousness, sass and laughter because if there is one thing I have learnt in my 36 years on this earth, variety is the spice of life…mental note there is a lesson for down the road when you have all forgotten I mentioned it here….

So buckle up, get ready for some fun filled posts and following me along as I brace myself for my 37th birthday….

Oh and I know that some of you are probably wondering what is so special about my 37th birthday or what big plans I have…..nothing and none, just because I can!

Love: Hmmm…one thing I love about myself or my life….I love that I never give up. I have tried and tried again to release this excess weight I am carrying. I may stall, but I have never given up. Someone once told me…well more yelled it at me “I don’t care if you’ve tried a thousand times, what if on the thousandth and first try it sticks?!?!” So, when ever I feel like giving up I remember that person yelling it at me.

Lesson #1: This one has hit close to home lately. I saw it on Pinterest….”Don’t make someone a priority in your life, when you are just an option in theirs” I don’t know if it is my 36 years of wisdom setting in….yes I do believe at 36 years of age I have a wee bit of wisdom! If a friend, family member or significant other isn’t willing to put in as much effort as you put into them, stop making them a priority. Ain’t no one got time for those games. My time and your time is precious, don’t waste that on anyone that won’t waste it on you.

Recipe #1: I cooked my first new recipe last night and holy NUT BAR it was delicious! Click (here) for the link to this delicious meat lovers bubble up pizza casserole. I discovered Drizzle Me Skinny on Instagram when I was following Weight Watchers and have made a few of her recipes. I like that she is Canadian, so it makes finding the ingredients WAY easier, they are quick, easy and full of flavor.

I have 2 recipes on the docket for tonight, plus a cardio workout that might kill me…I know this is going to be an amazing 68 days, because I am already regretting it!

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