Project 37 – Day 2…

PhotoGrid_1454562699808_resizedGood Morning!

Someone…me…got 7.5hrs sleep last night, but somehow I still feel like I could sleep for another 3 or 4. Such is life I suppose.

First day was a smashing success…sort of. I ate well throughout the day sticking with MyFitnessPal goal. I had a good cardio workout at the gym, 11K on the Fitbit and stepped outside my comfort zone! I wore grey workout leggings to the gym. Second time in my life I have worn workout leggings that weren’t black and despite feeling like EVERYONE was staring at me, I didn’t change! Yes, I had a black pair in my locker just in case. I am in love with the bright pattern leggings that are all the rage right now and I am trying to work up to them…we’ll see how I do!

I blame my co-workers for what happened at 8pm last night. I opened up a cupboard that I don’t go into often and I saw a bag of popcorn. These bags have been talked about a lot in my office as of late and I forgot I had bought one to try…knowing I didn’t have many calories left to consume I grabbed the bag…first mistake. Then I sat down on the couch to watch Duck Dynasty…second mistake, sitting down with the bag, not watching that show! Well I looked down and had eaten about half the bag. Knowing that there were far worse things that I could have eaten I grabbed my phone and plunked it into MyFitnessPal. My calorie goal is currently 1700-1800 and I finished the day at 2100 even with the mishap. The rest of the popcorn went into the garbage because I don’t need that temptation in the house!  These next 68 days are not about eating perfect, they are about eating mindfully. I have made the decision that no meals will be eaten in front of the TV, I have a lovely kitchen table that gets lonely. Also, no snacks will be eaten direct from the bag/container….this just spells DANGER!

Reflecting on yesterday….

Love: ok, I wrote every other part of this blog first and am struggling to come up with something that doesn’t sound lame here! I love my eyes. I think that I have beautiful eyes. I am frequently reminded by perfect strangers on the skytrain or when I am out and about. It was creepy at first, but now I am embrace it with a smile and a thank you, because I agree.

Lesson #2: Perfection is not going to get my anywhere. I am reading Khloe Kardashian’s Strong Looks Better Naked and I could care less about the Kardashian clan, but Khloe is a badass and I have always secretly loved her. The book is amazing, it is about her journey in health and the mindset changes she had to go through. I feel like she is speaking right to me. These next 68 days are not about perfection, they are about consistency and mindfulness. Making different choices, smarter choices, and mindful choices. The Drill Sargent that lives inside my head is freaking out because he won’t be ruling the roost much longer. It isn’t about the next 68 days, it is about the rest of my life.

Today there is another visit to the gym for some cardio and upper body weights. I didn’t get to a new recipe last night because of the incident with the popcorn, so tonight I am making a matcha green tea chia seed pudding!

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