Project 37 – Day 3

PhotoGrid_1454688488659_resizedWell this post is going up waaaaaay later than anticipated! My apologies for those that that have poked, texted and prodded for it. I write my posts the night before and then when I get to work in the morning, I click a little post button on my phone and go about my day, however today was one of those days where the minute I walked through the door it was a meeting, followed by interviews, followed by meetings and here we are at 4:40 hitting that little post button!

Good Afternoon/Evening!

I had one of those sleeps last night that was restless and involved some very vivid dreams that were a bit on the creepy side, so I did not wake up feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed. I woke up asking for more sleep and/or a coffee IV! According to my sleep app I got 7 hrs and 13 mins and a whole ton of REM sleep.

Yesterday finished really well. I was super proud of my cardio workout at the gym. I nailed it! I went up a couple levels on the elliptical and crushed a hill workout on the treadmill! I burned more calories in less time that the day before. As my boss likes to remind me….baby steps. I then went on to attempt to do an upper body workout….I say attempt because here is the truth. I am no longer working with a personal trainer and all of my weight training has happened under the eye of a trainer. I can remember some of the exercises, but then I struggled with “Have I worked every muscle?” “Was that enough reps?” “Am I using heavy enough weights?”   I am sure it was better than doing nothing, but I think I need to do a bit more Google searching on programs and such to gain that confidence. Also, remembering to count. When you have a trainer they count the number of reps for you, I don’t have to think. I know there were a few times yesterday that I lost track! This is all a learning experience, that is what I keep reminding myself. Doing what I did was better than doing nothing, don’t over think it Nikki, just do it.

On the nutrition front this week I am struggling on the macros side of my nutrition. I finished yesterday at 1900 calories, 100 over my 1700-1800 goal, but that cardio workout was brutal, so I needed  a little extra fuel. I ate a crazy yummy salad that was the size of my head! I have a big head, so it was very filling. Where I am struggling is finding the perfect balance between carbs, fats and proteins. I try different combinations everyday and I believe the meat lovers pizza casserole from earlier in the week is not a good option for me on the fats front. Next time I think I will make a few modifications, like using gr. turkey or chicken and using the vegetarian pepperoni slices as they are considerable lower in fat that regular pepperoni. That is the great thing about learning, week to week and trying new recipes. You discover what works and what doesn’t work. Here is something I have discovered is CRAZY DELICIOUS…

Recipe #2: Matcha Green Tea Chia Pudding – this was new for me I was looking in my cupboard for some inspiration 2016-02-05 08.10.09_resizedand came across some Chia seeds, so I took to Pinterest and found this recipe. If you hover over the name it will take you to the recipe. Honestly, it is so delicious! I consider Chia seeds little colon scrubbers, so consider this a warning ladies and gentlemen! It took no time to prepare and it is 3 ingredients. I did make a couple modifications….I didn’t top with coconut, I made it 4 tbsps. of Chia seeds and I added a 1/2 tsp of pure vanilla extract. I will defiantly be making this or versions of this again. If you are looking for a quick, healthy nutritious snack, I give this 2 thumbs up! I know the color isn’t terribly appetizing, but I promise it tastes yummy. It made 2 servings for me.

Love: Everyday I struggle with this one and I have 67 days of this left….this is how I know I need to do this portion. I love that I am always looking to improve myself. I believe that you always need to be learning and growing and so far that is what this year is shaping up to be. Standing up for myself and saying “Hey, this is not OK for me” or “Hey, this is not right.” Before I would always sit down and keep quite. I  believed fully in the “don’t rock the boat theory.” Stepping outside of my comfort zone and taking on a completely new industry at work, starting from scratch. I am always reading personal development books to just generally be a better human being.

Lesson #3: Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be scary and it may not go the way you hope it does, but the reward for stretching yourself and what you learn about yourself is sometimes so much more!

I am heading to the gym again tonight. Saturday will be met with Zumba from YouTube or my Yoga DVD’s and Sunday will be my rest day because your body needs some rest, but fear not…there will be more cooking! YAY TO NEW THINGS!


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