Project 37 – Day 4

Good Morning!

PhotoGrid_1454784651341_resizedIt is Saturday morning and my brain is going a bit crazy I posted my starting weight on Wednesday with my first post. I have always liked weighing myself on Sunday’s. I found it was a great way to start the week, so I will be moving to Sunday’s, except for this week. I am attending a party this evening with the bestie and crashing at her house, so I won’t around my scale to weight myself in the morning. I stepped on the scale this morning, not expecting big things because it has been 3 days…I am still in a state of disbelief….my scale is broken…it is wrong…I moved it to different spots in my apartment, because it is just plain wrong. I climbed back into bed and had a bit of a conversation with myself. Down 5.6lbs…..gotta be wrong…what if it isn’t wrong? What if because of all the water, mindful eating, despite the struggle with my macros, it is possible in 3 days. I did go to the gym everyday, pushed pretty hard….ok fine. We’ll take it, but don’t expect numbers like this every week, first week is always big. I climbed out of bed, stepped on the scale one more time and sure enough….down 5.6lbs! Then a dance happened, then I did my Yoga DVD. It felt amazing to stretch out my sore and achy gym muscles! I crushed a Friday night cardio session, same workout as the day before, different machines and I didn’t match the burn….hmmm….I still killed it though. I came in at 1900 calories again yesterday and have decided that I am going to be ok with that because my body needed the fuel!

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit concerned about the party tonight. I am not big on the large groups of people, I get a bit of anxiety. Mostly, I am worried about the food temptations and doing everything in my power to steer clear of the food and I will also not be drinking. I struggle with the topic of alcohol. Sometimes I am good with a glass or two of wine and other times I just want to avoid it altogether. I know that this links back to my father who lost his battle with alcoholism. I also know that when I drink alcohol it shows up the scale. It would be super easy to isolate myself during these 68 days, have no social life and focus on the things I have laid out to accomplish. Trust me….I have thought about it, but that isn’t real life. Plain and simple. Stayed tuned for tomorrow to see how it goes!

Love: that my body still allows me to move and do some of the activities that I love to do. I watched a television show this week called My 600lb Life on TLC and holy man that was scary to watch! That was my worst nightmare in wrapped up in a big red bow. I utterly refuse to let my life get there and am grateful that my body still lets me move.

Lesson #4: Are you ready for this one….it doesn’t matter what song it is….doesn’t matter what you are doing….doesn’t matter how you are feeling….Beyonce has a song that will match what you need. I start EVERY workday morning with a 5 min dance party to get the blood moving and 90% of the time it is a Beyonce song. Beyonce and I have been through a lot together!

I like to think that this video is almost exactly what I look like dancing in the morning…

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