Project 37 – Day 6


Breakfast & Macy (aka BEST dog EVER)

Sitting in front of my computer for almost 20 minutes having to talk myself into writing this post today, then I quickly remembered that this is a lifetime change, perfection is not the goal…

You’ll notice I was absent yesterday…well Saturday went a bit sideways and it carried over into yesterday. My anxiety about attending the party reached a peak late Saturday afternoon and with a lack of being prepared with food for the weekend I took the easy way out. The one thing I noticed is that I caught myself and put the food away. I got to the party and it was no where near as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was a great group of people that made the anxiety disappear almost instantly. I did fine with the spread of snacks until about 10:30pm and that was right around when I was getting tired. First mistake was sitting in a chair right next to the snack table. On the plus side I cleared almost every carrot and red pepper off the vegetable tray. Then 11:30pm hit and my hand went into the chip bowl a couple times, so I quickly handed that to a friend of mine who moved it closer to her. Then there was a meat and crackers, then a couple of insanely delicious wings, and by a whole lot of grapes. By the time we got home at close to 1 o’clock both mine and the bestie’s tummies were full and unhappy. I stayed strong and I did not drink though, the thought did crossed my mind, I had a lot of fun without the alcohol. It was a really great lesson for me and practice. The anxiety is in my head and I noticed a lot about myself Saturday night and the snacking could have been WAY worse, but it wasn’t.

The only excuse for yesterday was tiredness. I had some early morning wake up kisses from Macy (black lab pictured above) that started shortly after 5am and periodically until 6:30am. It is like she knew, as soon as I fell back asleep she would come over and I could hear her breathing in my ear, she would nudge me with her nose. Despite the repeated attempts to tell her it wasn’t time to get up, she felt otherwise. Coffee and yummy vegan pancakes for breakfast, but then on my way home I made the decision to do my grocery shopping, mistake number two. NEVER shop for groceries when you are hungry or tired. So, this weekend was a lesson in preparedness.

I woke up this morning with my holiday Monday laid out that includes a trip to the gym with a new workout strategy I am going to test for the next few weeks thanks to a friend at the party who happens to be heavily involved in the fitness industry. I have 4 new recipes laid out for the week, 2 of which I will be making tonight!

Love: that I have friends that support and remind me everyday that life is all about learning and continually growing. They provide butt kicking’s when necessary and loving support when needed with a small hint of a slap upside the head because I can be quite stubborn at times!

Two lessons to make up for the missed one yesterday….

Lesson #5: If there is a conversation or situation that is causing you to stress or worry, the dialogue you are having in your head about it is a thousand times worst than it actually is or will turn out to be. I need to remind myself of this one on a regular basis.

Lesson #6: It doesn’t matter the age of anyone at a party….you can put on Justin Bieber and EVERYONE knows exactly who it is. I am convinced he might be taking over the world *shutter*, but in all fairness his new album has a lot of really catchy songs that get embedded in your brain!

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