Project 37 – Day 8


Good Morning Peeps!

Yesterday was a tough day, I don’t know if it was just the day or, as my female readers can understand, PMS kicking my ass! I was cranky and uncomfortable a majority of the day. I have developed a wicked blister on the back of my left heel and so when 4:30 rolled around, in my head I had the perfect excuse to go home. Then a thought ran through my brain….if I go home this early, I am going to binge eat. We are using exercise to interrupt the binge eating habits…so let’s get some blister Band-Aids and get our ass to the gym. Off I went and the day kept on giving…or at least my attitude did!

I was plugging away on the cross trainer, muscles loudly protesting from Monday’s assault, and I realized that my heart monitor was not registering on my watch! Dang it! Oh well, not a total loss or the end of the world. After my workout I head home to make my super yummy Green Goddess Smoothie, except I have a new Vanilla flavored Rice Protein powder….smoothie turns out GROSS! The struggle to expand your protein powder horizons is real sometimes! I am allergic to Whey, so my options are already limited, but this brand was GROSS…..drank a majority of the shake anyways because I don’t want to waste. Talk about an unsatisfying dinner. I also decided to watch some stupid television and went to bed WAY later than intended, so this morning I am tired and determined to not let my cranky attitude carry over.

Today we have a serious session at the gym planned, a new breakfast recipe on the docket to make tonight and early to bed!

Love: My tenacity. I have had quite a few people come at me with their concerns about my frequency at the gym and yesterday I started to doubt myself, but when I stopped and checked in with myself and my body, I feel amazing. Sure I have some sore muscles, but that is to be expected. Can’t stop, won’t stop unless my body tells me otherwise 😉

Lesson #8: *cue the scene from Happyness where Will Smith is talking to his son* If you want something in life, you have to go and get it period. Don’t let anyone ever tell you, you can’t or you shouldn’t. No one is going to hand it over to you. Go out and get it.


This morning’s 5 min dance party was brought to you by…


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