Project 37 – Day 9

PhotoGrid_1455208268300_resizedGood Morning Peeps!

Well yesterday was a bit of an interesting day….I amazed myself a couple of times.

Yesterday, my hips were not happy. Since I started to workout more and strengthen my muscles we…meaning myself and my chiro….have discovered some hips issues that I can normally keep in check with maintenance visits. All day yesterday my right hip was clicking, which is a sign for me that it needs some tender love and care. I debating about going to the gym and seeing what happens, but if it goes out completely I will be out for at least a week. So, in an effort to rest my muscles and not anger my hip anymore I took the night off from the gym. This made me nervous. I didn’t want to go home and eat.

After a successful day at work, where I impressed myself with my business skills in a new client meeting, I stayed at work a bit later than normal. Heading home, I took the long route around from the skytrain to my bus stop in an effort to avoid all the little shops, grocery store….temptations. Keeping my eyes down and on the bus. I had a yummy dinner when I got home. I sat down on the floor to stretch and chill for a bit and then I noticed the thoughts about food floating through my head. Distracted myself with stretching, bit of cleaning and seemed to be getting on ok. Soaked in an Epsom salt bath, did a little reading and then began making my lunch for today. This is where for a few minutes the nibbling and snacking while making and  packing my lunch got a little out of hand. I was able to quickly reign it in with minimal damage to my calorie intake, still coming in just over of 1900 for the day. The part that impressed me was that afterwards I wasn’t beating myself up, I wasn’t made at myself. It happened, I stopped it, YAY!, let’s move on. This hasn’t happened a whole lot…maybe once…before, so it was a big win for me yesterday!

Recipe #4: OMG THESE ARE SERIOUSLY SO GOOD! I made a PB & J Overnight Oats. I, of course, made a few dietary modifications. I used gluten free oats, a no sugar added jam, all natural peanut butter (allergic to almonds) and I took out the maple syrup. I don’t need the extra sugar. With the banana and the jam it was sweet enough. Holy smokes I had to slow down from eating them this morning because sweet jeebus they were tasty! I am going to give the German Chocolate version a go tonight.

Love: I love the neighborhood that I live in, in New Westminster. I am close to the river, so I can hear the tug boats in the morning. I am surrounded by beautiful heritage homes and lots and lots of wildlife. Skunks, Raccoons, Coyotes oh my!

Lesson #9: Listen to your body. It will tell you everything that you need to know, you just have to stop and listen.

This mornings 5 min dance party was brought to you by….

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