Down With Sickness…

Thank you Google Images :)

Thank you Google Images 🙂

Holy jeebus batman, a frustrating week is being had. This may be a rant that only my female followers can understand (no offence boys).

I have been down with a serious cold this week. This virus started to make an appearance early last week, causing me to sound like Selma Simpson (Homer’s sister from The Simpsons), so I immediately began Cold FX and high doses of Vitamin C. I made sure to get lots of rest, eat healthy, and still managed to get in 5 workouts. I discovered that it is perfect safe and healthy to workout while having the common cold, just listen to your body and be respectful when it comes to your germs and those around you. I felt great, just sounded horrible. I was determined to serve an eviction notice this virus could not ignore! Then, like a ton of bricks raining down from the sky I woke up Saturday with the full wrath of this virus.

I have been resting, taking care of myself and am starting to get better, but find myself having one of those days. I am fighting this cold, experiencing some wicked ladytime symptoms, nothing is going right at work this morning, I haven’t been eating the best this week, haven’t been able to work out, the one time I attempted my body was having no part….just a general Eeyore like attitude towards life today.

Having a mini venting session with my dear friend Tiffany this morning, she reminded me that life does not suck, life is amazing and that my body is just preparing to move full steam ahead, just gotta clear out some residual gunk. Being a woman, we have emotions and it is ok to feel them, experience them, but try not to give them too much power as they can lead you down the crazy path. We all know what an emotional crazed woman looks like and I want no part of that 🙂

Life hands you lemons, add it to your non-drowsy NeoCitrin and lets get on with this week!

Being Sick Sucks…

Thank you Goggle Images for the photo 🙂

So this month has not gone according to plan AT ALL.

I got in one fitness challenge class on Feb. 2 before being smacked with what has probably been the worst bout of illness since….I can’t remember when. I had the flu, a strep infection, and a minor ear infection.  After experiencing complications with the antibiotics and being in and out of the doctors, numerous tests, two weeks later I was finally starting to feel human again, only to come down with a horrible 24 hour tummy bug. One day of reprieve and I now am starting to get a cold! I get it, my immune system is shot! Oi!

This was not how I envisioned this month going. I find it entertaining how when you finally go to take a step forward in life, the universe finds a way to test your commitment. Well test away universe, I will not waiver! On the bright side, this illness has brought on a serious (but unintentional) refined sugar detox, an increase in fluid intake, which I am having to maintain illness to illness. You know what they say “21 repetitions makes a new habit“, well I am on day 21! With being so ill, not having the appetite or desire to eat has made it easy to choose healthier alternatives to my normal comfort “sick” foods. So…game on Universe, bring it!

I look forward to the day very soon when I can return to not relying on cold/flu medication to get me through the day and all these horrible antibiotics and drugs have left my system. If anyone has any ideas on how to rebuild your immune system I am open to hearing them!

I know there is a nasty flu flying around right now. I can seem everyone posting about it in my Facebook newsfeed. So get plenty of rest, eat healthy and take lots of Vitamin C and Echinacea! Be Well!