PhotsAnyone curious what my body is saying to me today?

Yesterday was a day of surprises. It is amazing the things your body will tell you when you take a minute, stop and listen. I noticed that I got used to operating with a certain level of discomfort, a muscle twitch or even indigestion. When you pay attention and inquire as to what may be causing the issue, you realize how much better moving through the day is when those things no longer exist. Yesterday, I went the whole day without indigestion, it was fantastic! I forgot what it was like to go an entire day without that sensation in my chest. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a severe case of indigestion, but merely my body’s way of telling me that something I am still eating, post gallbladder removal, now belongs on the no-fly list.  Sadly, I believe it is my favourite protein bars. Not eating one of those is one of the only things I can think of that I changed yesterday, so I am testing it again today and I gotta be honest, not terribly excited about eating one again to see, so I think I will simply go in search of a new protein bar that doesn’t cause me pain.

On the topic of eating yesterday, I did great up until I was packing my lunch last night. I made the decision a few weeks back to join Weight Watchers….again. I was packing and noticed that I still had 11 points left to eat for the day. I saw some yogurt covered cranberries and thought “Those can’t be that bad.” Made by this sweet older lady at her little shop in Fort Langley. I can read and pronounce the few ingredients that are on the list. I had eating about 10 when I thought that I am just gonna check the point value. OH SWEET JESUS!!! All of a sudden, that sweet old lady, was the witch from Hansel & Gretel. Her cranberry salad dressing is THE BOMB, but those yogurt covered demons are now being consumed by the security guards at work.

I headed to the gym after work, for the first time in about 6/7 months. It was the same lady behind the desk, she smiled and said, “Welcome back!” BUSTED, she remembered me. I smiled and told her that if she didn’t see me in an hour to send help. It was good to be back in the gym, I forgot how much I missed it. There is apart of me that feels like I half assed my workout, and there is a part of me that was just SUPER proud for going. My legs this morning are stiff and muscle sore, in the good way. I was on the elliptical for 30 mins, broke a nice sweat and then I saw it, a machine I loathe…..the rowing machine. Suddenly, as if my legs weren’t jelly enough, I found myself sitting down at it! For a few minutes, I heard a former personal trainer in my head “Thank your legs for sharing, let’s go” so away I went. I did 3 sets of 200m with a short rest in between and I beat my time each set! Thank you for being the voice in my head Emilia! I left the gym feeling accomplished and proud, that was when the voice set it “You could have stayed longer, pushed harder.” I reminded myself, that it was great to show up and next time I will come armed with a proper workout planned. Sometimes that battle you fight for yourself is the battle that goes on inside your head, the mental one.

My body is a happy stiff and sore one. I contemplated this morning, as I was packing my bag and typing this post, returning to the gym this afternoon. I stopped, listened to my muscles and we have happily agreed on a yoga DVD that I have here at home. I will do my best to contort my body into these bizarre positions that are supposed to bring to a deeper Zen.

Down & Dirty 30 – Day 4

PhotoGrid_1425614158989_HarrySo in reviewing yesterday’s results I can’t help but feel a little bit of disappointment…even though…I crushed it….

My body certainly was not a happy camper yesterday, my feet and my legs felt like 80 pound weights. Standing up to walk was usually met with a pouty face, by the afternoon the thought of going to my training session with Emilia and getting over 10,000 steps on my Fitbit was met with a bit of a whine. Then my co-worker V looked at me and told me it was time to “man up” get my butt to a treadmill and crush some steps before my session. Whining and pouting about it wasn’t going to do a lick of good, so… I went.

Looking at my Fitbit I came in just over 8000 steps, but I also had an hour long session with the amazeballs Emilia of Seva Fitness that left my favorite Celtics t-shirt soaked in sweat in all the right places. The weights and training is not the kind of exercise that Fitbit registers besides the steps I take between circuits. So, although I am disappointed in not having a day of seeing all green on my Fitbit I know I did awesome in my workout with Emilia. At the end, my legs not having improved much, Emilia forced a few choice/bad phrases from me as she used a torture device to roll out my legs and hips for me. Exhausted I was in bed and passed out by 930, slept like a baby!

I was also faced with a constant hunger yesterday! I know it is because of the increased exercise, but holy talk about battle of will power all day. As some of you following along know and have figured out I am following Weight Watchers. It is a program that I have had success with before and has an amazing track record. If you read previous posts I wasn’t eating all my points in the day….well defiantly not a problem yesterday! I actually ate 2 points extra, taking from my “Weekly Points Allowance.” I swore that I would never use those points unless it was a special occasion, but yesterday after my workout I was hungry and knowing I needed something to help with the torture my muscles just went through…. I had my favorite protein smoothie from the Body Energy Club, which cost me 2 extra points, and was so worth it! If you live in Vancouver go to Body Energy Club and get a Coconut Bliss Protein won’t be disappointed!

So….I guess although I ate 2 extra points and I didn’t quite reach the 10k step goal….it was a good day. I have moved more in the last 4 days than I have in a long time. The Dietbet I have joined and @ilbascy 30 for 30 fitness challenge are hella motivating! I have my weigh in tomorrow with Weight Watchers and I am always nervous for those because as hard as you try, your body can be unpredictable. I had a bad week last week that I am recovering from, but that was then…this is now….all about going in the right direction. That week forced me to approach this differently, it led me to join the fitness challenge and the Dietbet….so let’s get er’ done!