Down & Dirty 30 – Day 5


Love my attempt at a “duck face” in the upper right photo *facepalm*

Oh sweet sweet Jesus I made it through the week! Yesterday (Day 5) was a bit dicey for me. My body has been letting me know its displeasure with the amount of exercise, and having 4 days off from work…in the morning I quickly realized the structure that works provides….I need to plan WAY better when left to know own devices!

Day 5’s exercise was going to be nothing but 45 minutes of yoga, but a friend of mine phoned and invited me to the gym he works at and I had to say yes! I kept it pretty straight forward, did me a cross country program on the treadmill and did some weights and core exercises with my upper body. I got my sweat on on the treadmill and quickly realized that I am a bit of a fish out of water when it comes to weights. I have relied on Emilia or Taren when it came to weights. So I quickly went through the catalog of upper body moves they have had me to do and did my best to remember the basics I’ve heard them say and managed to wake up this morning with some pretty sore muscles despite feeling like I didn’t do that much. I was tickled pink to get over 10K on the ol’ Fitbit because with the state of my legs I was a little unsure of how that was going to go! I am also quite delighted that I managed to rack up 53 activity points for the week in my Weight Watchers app! That was simply thanks to syncing my Fitbit to it and adding in the exercise that I did that Fitbit didn’t register. Yay me! I have come realize that I love working out! I love the feeling of accomplishment afterwards.

One thing I quickly learnt yesterday….when leaving the house….must bring snacks or be prepared! I found myself out and about, quite hungry and also quite nervous as I didn’t want to “cheat.” I quickly remembered that the Weight Watchers app has a restaurant finder that lists points of items on the menu and quickly managed to find a Subway! It was a good lesson to learn and learnt it early on. I also realized that with some free time I found myself in the kitchen going through the cupboards. I was lucky enough to catch myself each time and quickly grabbed some water and distracted myself with other things like reading. I am still become well acquainted with the role that food as played in my life and feeling like I am waking up!

I am off to weigh in at Weight Watchers this morning and am both nervous and excited. This blogging daily takes quite a bit of time and preparation and as much as I love it……this girl needs a day off! I have a “cheat meal” planned today that I will not apologize for but I promise you I am not throwing the baby out with the bath water! I will be back Monday morning with a recap of my weigh in and how my weekend has panned out!


Down & Dirty 30 – Day 4

PhotoGrid_1425614158989_HarrySo in reviewing yesterday’s results I can’t help but feel a little bit of disappointment…even though…I crushed it….

My body certainly was not a happy camper yesterday, my feet and my legs felt like 80 pound weights. Standing up to walk was usually met with a pouty face, by the afternoon the thought of going to my training session with Emilia and getting over 10,000 steps on my Fitbit was met with a bit of a whine. Then my co-worker V looked at me and told me it was time to “man up” get my butt to a treadmill and crush some steps before my session. Whining and pouting about it wasn’t going to do a lick of good, so… I went.

Looking at my Fitbit I came in just over 8000 steps, but I also had an hour long session with the amazeballs Emilia of Seva Fitness that left my favorite Celtics t-shirt soaked in sweat in all the right places. The weights and training is not the kind of exercise that Fitbit registers besides the steps I take between circuits. So, although I am disappointed in not having a day of seeing all green on my Fitbit I know I did awesome in my workout with Emilia. At the end, my legs not having improved much, Emilia forced a few choice/bad phrases from me as she used a torture device to roll out my legs and hips for me. Exhausted I was in bed and passed out by 930, slept like a baby!

I was also faced with a constant hunger yesterday! I know it is because of the increased exercise, but holy talk about battle of will power all day. As some of you following along know and have figured out I am following Weight Watchers. It is a program that I have had success with before and has an amazing track record. If you read previous posts I wasn’t eating all my points in the day….well defiantly not a problem yesterday! I actually ate 2 points extra, taking from my “Weekly Points Allowance.” I swore that I would never use those points unless it was a special occasion, but yesterday after my workout I was hungry and knowing I needed something to help with the torture my muscles just went through…. I had my favorite protein smoothie from the Body Energy Club, which cost me 2 extra points, and was so worth it! If you live in Vancouver go to Body Energy Club and get a Coconut Bliss Protein won’t be disappointed!

So….I guess although I ate 2 extra points and I didn’t quite reach the 10k step goal….it was a good day. I have moved more in the last 4 days than I have in a long time. The Dietbet I have joined and @ilbascy 30 for 30 fitness challenge are hella motivating! I have my weigh in tomorrow with Weight Watchers and I am always nervous for those because as hard as you try, your body can be unpredictable. I had a bad week last week that I am recovering from, but that was then…this is now….all about going in the right direction. That week forced me to approach this differently, it led me to join the fitness challenge and the Dietbet….so let’s get er’ done!


Down & Dirty 30 – Day 3

PhotoGrid_1425539799185_resized Oh boy my body is feeling it this morning! I slept through 2 alarms this morning after completing a 5.3K walk yesterday. My leg and hip muscles feel as if they have been put through the ringer and are stuck on spin cycle; and… is only day 3 with 27 days more to go! I also know that this is completely normal and it is my muscles adapting to the change, but holy! I want to curl up on the couch with a blanket and not move! Not going to happen because I have a torture session this evening with the ladies of Seva Fitness (aka personal training session). Epsom salt bubble baths will be my friend over the next few days as well as H2O hydration, which I am still struggling with!

2015-03-05 08.57.20

We are a family of FitBit’ers

Yesterday looking at my Fitbit I was so delighted to see ALL GREEN! I had my best day of the week, but surprise, surprise 41 active minutes, even though I walked just as much earlier in the week and only achieved 18 active minutes! I have gathering quite the community of friends on Fitbit and talk about motivation! My driving force right now is to get above my brother and I did that last night! Normally it doesn’t last long, but I am as of this morning so I am going to enjoy it! Sorry dear big brother! LOVE YOU! Sassy pants there is my Mom, so as you can tell we are a family of FitBit’ers.

Eating… all honesty I have been a bit hungry the last couple days and I think that is because of the increased exercise, so I am going to be making a more conscious effort to eat all of my Weight Watcher Points. If you’ve been following you will remember I was struggling to eat them all, left with 8-12 points at the end of the day. In a conversation with one of the WW reps on their 24/7 chat feature she said it really is a good idea to eat as many of the points as possible because your body needs a certain amount of fuel to function. Leaving a couple points at the end of the day is fine, but any more than 4 or 5 you really should be eating. She also noted that I am racking up the activity points so defiantly want to be eating your daily points allowance.

It is all new and I have realized that I am lucky to have the support structure around me that I do. I have co-workers that usher me away from the candy at work and only bring healthy snacks into my office. I have friends that will go for walks with me, or talk with me on the phone during an exceptionally long walk to distract me. My friends and family are always checking in and are right there if I am having a craving or a “ho hum” moment.

May be only day 3, feel like day 90, with 27 more days to go, but I am enjoying my first few days of success!


Down & Dirty 30 is BACK…

Thank you Pinterest for the photo!

Thank you Pinterest for the photo!

I flip flopped back and forth most of last about weather or not to re-ignite this challenge and I decided….YES!

I have stepped outside of my comfort zone! YAY ME!

Starting today and tomorrow I have joined two separate, but simultaneous challenges via @ilbascy on Instagram. The first is a 30 days fitness challenge. This is 30 minutes or more of activity everyday for the next 30 days, posting it using the hashtag #getleanmakegreen, in addition I have also taken the plunge and joined her challenge on DietBet. If you aren’t familiar with DietBet you pay a “buy in”, in this challenge it is $30. You have to loose 4% of your weight in 30 days. Those that successfully loose 4% then split the pot. Her challenge is currently sitting at 934 players with a pot of close to $28,000. So, for example, if 330 players successfully loose 4% with a $28,000 pot they each receive a payout of $85 bucks! There are of course rules, check in’s, referee’s and such, but the whole goal is the community, support and motivation of getting paid to loose weight!

So in making these two decisions I thought “OF COURSE! I am going to share it with all of you!” So similar guidelines as last time will apply…

  1. 30 days of on the court, in action, take steps moving my health and fitness forward
  2. No less than 30 mins of activity every day! No excuses!
  3. Eating within my Weight Watchers Points with the exception of Saturday afternoon, where I will not completely throw the week out the window but for one meal I will not worry about calorie content, fat content, sugar content etc. I will enjoy this meal.
  4. I will write a post at the end of every day, posted the following morning, with how that day went. The good, the bad and the ugly. The glorious wins and epic fails, because there will be fails.
  5. I have guidelines and rules that I have to follow with DietBet, so of course those as well.

I invite each of you to join in or follow along on my journey. This will also be a personal test for me which I am both excited and nervous to take on. Sticking with this for 30 days, despite the haters and blog trolls, despite what life throws at me, and most of all despite what my brain tells me!