Protein & Tuna…

Photo2Sleep, all I want to do is sleep. I feel like I am getting all my days messed up with these daily posts! I wake up, get ready for work and type the post for yesterday before leaving for work, but sometimes I have so much to say about what has already happened in the 45 mins I have been awake that I get confused and forget that I have to wait till tomorrow to share it, because today ya’ll are reading about yesterday! Oi, it is to early for this today, my Keurig is making a weird sound as I am making my coffee for the commute to work and that has my worry mode in overdrive, because me without coffee…..I can’t even think #coffeeforlife!

Yesterday was a great day! I lugged all of my gym stuff to work with me in the morning and because of the late day the day before my boss let me peace out just before 2! It was super sunny and GOREGOUS outside. I was that annoying person on the bus humming. I got to the gym and there was hardly anyone there. I killed my cardio session and decided that I was going to do some upper body….stood there for about 5 mins feeling like a fish out of water. Quickly went to Pinterest, grabbed an upper body workout and went to town. In between I threw in some planks and that was when I noticed the voice inside my head going to town. I am not as strong as I used to be, you are using 10lbs weights, when you used to use 15’s or 20’s. You can only hold the plank for 30 seconds, you used to be able to hold a minute. You know that little drill sergeant that lives in everyone’s head that is always reminding you about how good or bad you are. How you can or can’t do something……an annoying little sucker it is. I just kept reminding myself that being there is what counts. Being in the gym, moving and working the muscles is what matters.

I left the gym feeling so pumped, I was so full of energy. Working out really is the best anti depressant. I grabbed some fruit, veggies and coconut milk and this is where things took a turn. Having my big gym bag and two heavy bags of groceries I decided to cheat and take the bus up the hill. Now….anyone who lives in New Westminster, BC knows that this is acceptable because it has A LOT of hills and some of them are quite steep, well….there was an accident after the first stop. I could sit and wait, but the litre of water I drank at the gym and my thawing frozen fruit had a different plan. I got off the bus and began the climb and the walk. I believe there was one or two text messages that went out to my friends and family about loving them because I was going to die. I made it and then this is where mistake number two happened. I had so many points left to eat in the day, I am always normally left with points, but I still had 27. So, I opted for a protein smoothie and a tuna melt, that was the mistake. That combination did not sit well in my digestive system at all. Have you ever experienced burping up a chocolate protein smoothie with tuna, yeah…it is worse than it sounds, take my word for it.

I have some sore muscles in my body this morning that are protesting excessive movement so…let’s see what today brings!

Down & Dirty 30 is BACK…

Thank you Pinterest for the photo!

Thank you Pinterest for the photo!

I flip flopped back and forth most of last about weather or not to re-ignite this challenge and I decided….YES!

I have stepped outside of my comfort zone! YAY ME!

Starting today and tomorrow I have joined two separate, but simultaneous challenges via @ilbascy on Instagram. The first is a 30 days fitness challenge. This is 30 minutes or more of activity everyday for the next 30 days, posting it using the hashtag #getleanmakegreen, in addition I have also taken the plunge and joined her challenge on DietBet. If you aren’t familiar with DietBet you pay a “buy in”, in this challenge it is $30. You have to loose 4% of your weight in 30 days. Those that successfully loose 4% then split the pot. Her challenge is currently sitting at 934 players with a pot of close to $28,000. So, for example, if 330 players successfully loose 4% with a $28,000 pot they each receive a payout of $85 bucks! There are of course rules, check in’s, referee’s and such, but the whole goal is the community, support and motivation of getting paid to loose weight!

So in making these two decisions I thought “OF COURSE! I am going to share it with all of you!” So similar guidelines as last time will apply…

  1. 30 days of on the court, in action, take steps moving my health and fitness forward
  2. No less than 30 mins of activity every day! No excuses!
  3. Eating within my Weight Watchers Points with the exception of Saturday afternoon, where I will not completely throw the week out the window but for one meal I will not worry about calorie content, fat content, sugar content etc. I will enjoy this meal.
  4. I will write a post at the end of every day, posted the following morning, with how that day went. The good, the bad and the ugly. The glorious wins and epic fails, because there will be fails.
  5. I have guidelines and rules that I have to follow with DietBet, so of course those as well.

I invite each of you to join in or follow along on my journey. This will also be a personal test for me which I am both excited and nervous to take on. Sticking with this for 30 days, despite the haters and blog trolls, despite what life throws at me, and most of all despite what my brain tells me!


Haters Gonna Hate…

29f1f5c7f89c3baaf8994377942ad0a0I am and always have been someone that cares a little too much. I care what people think, I cry during commercials and I am way more empathetic than I need to be. Now, not all of this is bad, some of these qualities I am totally ok with….just not the caring what other people think one.

Curious about where I have been since Day 15 of my Down & Dirty 30? I had my scalp biopsy done and I came home that night in quite a bit of pain, did a little bit of emotional eating and then I logged on to see a series of comments on different posts on my blogs from some asshat in the States and I told myself that he was right. Then over the next couple of days a few friends made off the cuff comments about my posts on Facebook and I told myself “people are annoyed with my posts.” Those two thoughts combined…I used as the perfect excuse to stop writing, despite the steps forward that I was taking.

Then I was having a conversation with my dear cousin over at Moments In Mommyland and we were discussing our LOVE of all things Christmas….yes it is genetic in my family! We both have been posting about Christmas on our Facebook pages, talking about it and generally being met with unsupportive comments and remarks. She said “I don’t tell others when or how to celebrate, so why should they get to tell us.” I couldn’t possibly agree more. Later that evening I was also have a conversation with the BFF Tiffany and having a similar conversation about worrying so much about what others think, followed by watching Ann Hathaway on Ellen yesterday and here is what I concluded…

I don’t give a rats bare behind what you think about me, my posts, or my love of Christmas. If you don’t like it, don’t read it; unfriend me, unfollow me and let’s call it a day. I am sorry my posts to living a healthier life are annoying you. There is nothing you can say to me or judge me for that I probably haven’t already judged or said to myself. I am my own worst critic, we all are our own worst critic. I am tired of the mean comments taking a front seat to the good comments. Done. This is my journey.

Fresh Start…

PrintMy weight loss journey has come to a screeching halt since my father’s passing in August of last year. This was a loss that I used as a really great excuse to fall of the wagon and in fact go backwards. I took some time off from my training sessions with the ladies of Seva Fitness, Taren and Emilia. Emilia never quite disappeared though. Once a week I would get a phone call, we’d chat and each week I could feel her strength and support. Work stress was reaching epic proportions at the time and I was drug out for lunch with these ladies and I realized how much I missed them and how much my body missed the exercise…..I missed RUNNING. *sigh* I love to run, never thought that would come out of my mouth.

Fresh start. Seva Fitness has once again laid out the “30 Day Holiday Hangover Fitness Challenge” and I accepted. February 1 the torture from Taren & Emilia begins and as nervous as I am, the excitement is greater. Being back in the gym, getting my sweat on, hearing Taren yell “What are you stopping for, KEEP GOING!” and as much as you want to hit her you keep going. Being a part of a community that on a bad day, is there to support you.

Fresh start…GO!