Game of Life…

0acb2bdd8b9687e21a0f4984aeefcc19Ok, I have been distracting myself from writing this post for some time now and it is time to step off the hamster wheel. Yes…. I have not written for a few days now, no I did not completely fall off the wagon of eating, despite brain’s attempt to make me believe I am a lost cause lol.

Life happened and I am using every tool I am learning to work my way through the emotions of this game. I took a short solo trip over to the Island to get a tattoo, I was out of routine, I didn’t plan accordingly or ahead, however you’d like to look at it. I found myself getting quite frustrated until I realized that this is what happens. I spend so much time trying to plan things out, account for ever detail that I miss the beauty that is around me. I ate when I was hungry, I looked around for healthier options and despite there being a 7-11 store outside my hotel and my deep love of those giant sour keys, I didn’t go through that door. I wandered around Victoria and enjoyed what a crazy beautiful city it is. Despite my best attempt, I didn’t manage to hit my goal of 15,000 steps on my Fitbit, but it is on my target list for this week! I also managed to sit through 3.5 hrs of pure pain while my spine was tattooed!

I find that I have to keep reminding myself that it isn’t about doing it perfectly. Nothing I, or anyone, does in life is ever going to be perfect, despite what society tells me, or us, it should look like. Am I trying my best? At the end of the day can I put my hand over my heart and say, “I did everything I could and I am happy with that.” That is my goal. If I can’t then what can I do differently next time, what can I learn. It is so easy to get wrapped up in what society thinks I should be doing, or what my friends or family think I should be doing, that sometimes I lose what I want to do.

In my mind I had it that fighting for myself was just about fighting for my health, making that the priority, but I am discovering that it is so much more than that. I am fighting for my life and what I want from it. I have spent so much time just….existing. Sometimes it feels like I am waking up for the first time, speaking my voice and figuring out what I want in this life of mine. It is both a terrifying and exciting feeling.


PhotoWell….today you get another 2 for deal!

The last two days has been an exhausting …literally. I do not know what is going on, but sleep is all I have wanted. I got 7 hours of sleep Sunday night and it was all I could do to keep my eyes open yesterday. Then I did something I swore I would NEVER DO…I fell asleep on public transit, I couldn’t help it. I sat down and then next thing I know I am opening my eyes and the bus is pulling into the Skytrain station. Then last night I was snuggled in my bed and asleep by 8:30PM. Even this morning I am still feeling a little sleepy. However, today I feel more alert that I did yesterday. I am not certain what is going on, but I am listening carefully.

I had one of those really great Sunday’s where you do just what you need to do, like laundry and a little cleaning. Then the rest of the day was spent doing things that I wanted to do. Had breakfast with one of the besties, went for a walk, took a nap, did a little writing, some reading, some meal prep for the week, painted my nails and dealt with an eyebrow situation. I was calling it Self-Care Sunday and it was delightful.

For about ten minutes Sunday evening I felt a little guilty about what I had eaten and that I wasn’t tracking. When I realized any thing I had eaten wasn’t done out of avoiding a feeling or trying to escape something. I ate it because it was freaking tasty and I enjoyed eating it. I didn’t binge eat or over eat and I realized that for the first time in a very long time, I had an entire day where I ate mindfully. It was a unique experience for me and it made me smile.

Yesterday was a typical Monday at work, always busy. I was on point with my eating, which included a sandwich from Subway and even a little bag of chips. That is one of the things I love about Weight Watchers. You can eat whatever you want, never leaving yourself feeling deprived or like there are foods that are “off limits.” It all boils down to choices, moderation and balance.

Today I am returning to the gym after I do one very important task…..VOTE!

Tickled Pink….


This weekend I didn’t get half the things accomplished that I wanted too, but I did a couple things that were well worth scrapping the ol’ to do list!

I had my first weigh in with Weight Watchers bright and early Saturday morning. I was so nervous! Ladies, you will understand this….that week before your “visitor” arrives and you are retaining more water than the Hoover Dam….you want to eat everything in sight and you can go from an angel to the devil in less than 3 seconds flat….that was what I was battling my first week on the program. I was hoping for 4lbs and I lost 3.8lbs! I was tickled pink! I was very happy with my first week. For me, it is the weekly accountability of having to step on that scale and knowing that there was going to be one other person that sees it…kept me going throughout the week. When I was struggling I reached out to a few peeps that I knew could talk me off the ledge. I am excited to see what the second week brings!

It is really easy to get bogged down in the reasons and excuses for not taking action or moving an area of your life forward that you want. For the longest time I had some really great reasons and excuses for my weight. I always thought I needed to know “why?” Why did I need to eat? Why did I have to use food as a way to cope? Why? Why? Why? Why? Until that one moment Feb 2, I was sitting at home after visiting my Dr. and I simply said “I don’t care why anymore.” I just started to take the actions and the mental switch seemed to flip for me. I battled cravings last week, but for the most part the decisions to eat healthy and exercise was easy and the days they weren’t I asked for support. I know that there are going to be weeks where I gain or don’t lose as much as I had planned, but I also know that I am going to acknowledge and be ok with those weeks because I am prepared for them. Being prepared is the key…

My goal this week is…being prepared. My meals and gym bag prepped the night before, that way nothing is left to chance. I have amazing people at work and in my life that when I say “I am struggling” they step up and I am so grateful. This week being prepared and removing my excuses for not exercising at least 30 minutes a day and not staying within my points value is not even an option.

What is one thing you are celebrating from last week? What is your goal this week?




All things Smoothies….

Green Goddess Smoothie

Green Goddess Smoothie

Good Morning Everyone! I had no intention of posting anything today, but I was drinking my breakfast and I was compelled to share, so I promise to keep this short 🙂

On this journey I have discovered that smoothies are the best option for me when it comes to breakfast. I value my sleep far to much to get up any earlier than I have to too make breakfast. I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to all things smoothie related because they are so dang tasty, can be made quickly and, if you make the right choices, quite healthy. For me they are also the easiest way that I can get some vegetables into my system because honestly….I HATE eating vegetables. If you cook them it is defiantly game over, I won’t come within 2 feet of them. *Sigh* I can hear my mother shaking her head from here…

There is no shortage of smoothie recipes all over Pinterest and the Internet. I have a bunch of favorites, but thought I would share 2 of my favorites in case you are stuck and looking for tested and enjoyed options!

Green Goddess Smoothie

1 cup unsweetened coconut milk (choose your preference – almond milk, regular milk, etc)

handful of blueberries

1 Wheatgrass juice cube

1-2 tsp of Spirulina

1/2 of a banana

1 scoop of Vega One French Vanilla

large helping of Spinach and/or Kale, a couple ice cubes and onto the Magic Bullet it goes

Green Goddess is my go-to morning smoothie. It took me a little bit to get over the color and adjust to the taste, but now it is seriously so delicious! When I am craving something chocolaty or sweet, usually in the evenings, I go to….

Good For You Reese’s Peanut Buttercup Smoothie

1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk

1 banana

1 scoop of Vega One Chocolate

1 tsp almond butter

3-4 ice cubes and onto the Magic Bullet it goes!

I have another one that has strawberries and beets in it, but I am still trying to get my brain around the taste of beets. I don’t care what my Grandpa Gill says beets do not taste like candy!

The great thing about smoothies is you can put whatever you want in them and what suits you. I am a dairy free girl, so my go-to’s are coconut/almond/soy milk, as someone that is also breaking her sugar addiction, everything is purchased in its “unsweetened” form. Yes, fruit itself has a lot of sugar, give me a break though, I am trying to get the refined sugar forms out of my eating patterns first. I didn’t always use Vega products, I tried a few different brands out, but for right now, Vega gives me what I need. Seriously, I use their Chai flavored powder with carrot juice, a little cinnamon and nutmeg….that one is like carrot cake in a cup. See…I can go on forever about smoothies 🙂

I am starting a healthy love affair with food…how can you tell!

Happy Saturday ya’ll!

Down and Dirty 30 – Day 7 & 8…

Thank you Google

Thank you Google

Why are Day 7 and 8 combined you may ask?….Yesterday was one of those Monday’s where as soon as I turned on my work phone the proverbial sh*t hit the fan and it was go time, so I had no time to hit my little post button. I remembered just before lunch, but was then distracted with a phone call and then remembered again at around 8 last night and decided I will just combine the two days.

Sunday went a lot better than Saturday! I kept myself occupied with a project where I purged out drawers and cupboards I haven’t touched in quite some time. It felt great to organize, I also think that it was a little bit of a mental cleansing as well, you know…clear out the old and make room for the new that is coming into your life? Wow, am I glad that quotes of the world are not left up to me! Lol. Wanna see what it looks like when you forget to put your Fitbit on till after lunch time? Wanna know what I sound like when I realize I forgot to put my Fitbit on? Well for the first one; go have a look down below at Sunday’s photo and for the second….my Mumma reads my posts, so I can’t. But I will say although I am an educated woman, I once again displayed the vocabulary of a sailor. Exercise wise I went for a walk and did some yoga! I have discovered that my brain has a very difficult time “relaxing” during yoga. Does anyone else find this? I did really well with eating on Sunday. I suppose there was a big of guilt around Saturday so I was trying to “make up for it” a little bit. I did awesome and stayed under my 100g of sugar!

Monday was a whole different ball game. As mentioned, it was one of those days that whatever could go wrong, did. I was smart and when for my walk/power walk/job thing I do at lunch and it was a way to de-stress at bit over lunch. There were points throughout the day that I had to have a serious conversation with myself and not go downstairs to the café for a cookie, or worse, across the street to Tim Horton’s for a doughnut! By the end of the day I was both exhausted from work and the conversations with myself to stop the eating. I ate myself within an inch of my goal for the day. I was very thankful for the season premiere of The Voice! I freakin’ love that show and HELLO…Pharrell AND Gwen Stefani! I am still struggling to reach my 10,000 steps a day because so much of my job is sitting at a desk, I have taken to standing a points throughout the day, which I am convinced creeps my coworkers out, but none have said anything J The days I do Yoga it is even worse because Fitbit doesn’t measure that…..I may have to add in an evening stroll after dinner….stayed tuned for how I choose to tackle this…

On a pleasant note…I stepped on the scale in the gym downstairs in our office and it showed a very promising number! A little to promising, almost impossible promising, so stay tuned as our office receptionist is going to test it out for me in the morning to see if it lied or if I did really well last week!


Sunday – Day 7


Monday- Day 8